Changfa APOLLO tractors win high reputation in Australia

In the past 8 years, we have exported thousands of APOLLO tractors to Australia.

With common efforts made by Changfa and local partner SOTA together, Apollo tractors have got great reputation in Australia agri-machinery market.

Many end users are satisfied on our local after-service. When it comes to the quality of product, there are also positive comments. The feedback from our customer is that our quality is reliable and the user experience is good.

In October this year, our sales and service staff visited some of our end users and show them how to use and maintain APOLLO tractors on the from. These hobby farmers were so happy to take group photos and shared with our staff. (See picture below)


Our end-users and Changfa Sales staff



The technician is guiding our user


The hobby farmers enjoy using APOLLO tractors. Thanks to our common effort. This is what we are so proud of!


Joint picture with some of our APOLLO tractor users.

Changfa APOLLO tractors win high reputation in Australia