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The causes and preventive measures of poor cooling of water cooled diesel engine for sale

The causes and preventive measures of poor cooling of water cooled diesel engine for sale

With the development of society, water cooled diesel engine for sale is widely used in various fields, such as tractors, small and medium-sized transport machinery, water pump units, etc. But in the use process, it is hard to avoid that sometimes water-cooled generators will have poor cooling. So what is the reason for this phenomenon? And how to prevent it? The following will provide you with detailed answers.

Water cooled diesel engine for sale

1. Cooling water is not clean. Water cooled diesel engine for sale with cooling water should be clean and soft water, and should not use hard water containing calcium, magnesium, and other mineral salts. Only hard water must be used after softening treatment if conditions are limited. Hard water softening can be boiled precipitation method; can also be used baking soda or caustic soda as a softening agent, stirring precipitation after using the upper layer of clean water. Note that seawater can not be used as cooling water.

2. Insufficient cooling water. Radiator cooling water should be frequently checked and replenished on time, and the liquid level too low will affect the system's cooling effect and aggravate the diesel engine's cavitation. The cooling system should be checked for leaks if it is added every day.

3.The thermostat is out of order. The thermostat is used to adjust the working temperature of the diesel engine coolant automatically. Once the failure should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, it is easy to make the coolant temperature out of control and affect the normal work of the diesel engine.

4. Pump impeller and pump body clearance are too large. The impeller of the pump and the shell, impeller, and pump flare have a certain axial clearance requirement. Impeller damage or clearance too large will cause the cooling system to have insufficient water circulation, resulting in high water temperature. Therefore, the above parts should be tested and adjusted regularly.

5. Fan performance is poor. The fan is used to increase the flow of air through the radiator's core to improve the radiator's cooling performance. Regularly check whether the fan is firmly installed, all blades are rivets loose, cracked and bent deformation, etc., such as problems found should be immediately adjusted or replaced.

6. The cooling system has not been cleaned for a long time. The available diesel engine, in the use of fixed time, should be cleaned in the cooling system scale, can be added to the water caustic soda (NaOH) and cleaning agent, and injected into the cooling system for cleaning.

7. Cylinder or cylinder head and other places appear cracks. When the outside temperature is very low, and the diesel engine does not work, the cooling water of the cooling system may freeze so that the cylinder or cylinder head expansion crack, a radiator water pipe may also freeze crack; at this time, the radiator cooling water has turned bubble phenomenon. Therefore, the cooling water should be put on the net when the ambient temperature is low, and the diesel engine does not work. We can also use the low freezing point of the antifreeze as a cooling medium. A commonly used antifreeze is adding the right amount of glycerin or ethylene glycol to the water to apply different ambient temperature requirements. Atlas air compressor parts valve Note: Never use antifreeze as the cooling fluid.

These are the causes and preventive measures of poor cooling in water cooled diesel engine for sale, and I hope they will be helpful for your purchase and use.


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