Changfa CF326 is a self-developed peanut pick-up machine, which can collect, pick, clean, store, cut stems at one time. It is suitable for peanut fields that can be harvested by machine. CF326 has good performance, compact structure, convenient operation, well adaptability, safety and reliability, and is an ideal model for harvesting peanuts.

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Surging power and efficient operation
Equipped With 250L Large Volume Tank

Equipped with 250L large volume tank, it can operate for more than 12 hours, and improve operation efficiency.

Surging power and efficient operation
Supporting The Selection Of Yuchai 150 Horsepower Engine

Supporting the selection of Yuchai 150 horsepower engine, with strong power, sufficient torque reserve, low oil consumption and long service life.

Long-term protection and safety
The Efficient Air Filtration System

The efficient air filtration system of storm air filtration combined with dry air filtration can effectively guarantee the quality of air intake and fully guarantee the reliability of the engine. The maintenance and cleaning period of air filtration system is long, and it can be used continuously for more than 20h.The water tank guard cover extends to the outside and can be opened directly on the right side of the cab to improve the cleaning convenience. The water pump belt is changed from single C belt to high quality multi-wedge belt with self-tension function.

It's comfortable to drive and easy to operate
Good Sealing

Good sealing, dustproof and waterproof, small vibration and low noise. Equipped with floating soft pack seat and adding passenger seat. Optimizing operation stick layout for ease and convenience. Standard machine is equipped with original air conditioner, good refrigeration effect, safe and reliable.

Reasonable structure and high adaptability
With Special Designed Bridge

With special designed bridge, and prevent the grass wrapping in transmission process.Large size machine observation port, easy to maintenance and inspection.

Reasonable structure and high adaptability
The Speed Of The Exhaust Fan Can Be Adjusted To Meet The Needs Of Different Dry

The speed of the exhaust fan can be adjusted to meet the needs of different dry and wet degree peanut operation. The grass box outlet direction can be adjusted, the dust-proof cloth bag can be added.The whole machine is compact, the length is only 6.3m, the turning radius is small, it can meet the needs of small field harvesting operation, and the product adaptability is high.

Reasonable structure and high adaptability
The Unloading Angle Is Only 35°

The unloading angle is only 35°, which effectively realizes the stability of the body and cleanness when unloading the fruit. Adding a box alarm.

Excellent performance, safe and reliable
The Axial Flow Roller

The axial flow roller, fan shaft, shredder shaft and other key parts adopt imported high quality Peer bearing, and the service life is 3 times than ordinary bearing.

Excellent performance, safe and reliable
Raising The Speed Of Secondary Trash Hoist By 20%

Raising the speed of secondary trash hoist by 20% , increasing the height and density of scraper, and reducing the blockage of secondary trash hoist.

Excellent performance, safe and reliable
The Belt Pulley Structure

The belt pulley structure, dynamic balance and assembly process are optimized, the main transmission belt (shredder belt, exhaust fan belt and axial flow box-middle drive wheel belt) service life up to 200h.

Excellent performance, safe and reliable
With Moving And Fixed Knife

With moving and fixed knife, the cutting effect of peanut straw with high moisture is superior. The blade is made of special material and its service life reaches 300 hours. Optional throwing knife to avoid the blade being damaged by stones in the hilly area.


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