The CF608 semi-feeding crawler combine harvester with high reliability, low loss and low crushing rate is a multi-function type mainly for rice.

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Superior Picking Performance
The Semi-feeding Special Cutting Table Adopts Innovative Design

The semi-feeding special cutting table adopts innovative design, and the height range of the cutting platform is larger, which can meet the harvesting requirements of the late japonica rice, super rice and other varieties of rice, and the performance of harvesting the lodging crops is excellent.

Advanced threshing system
The Threshing System Increases The Shaking Grass Structure

The threshing system increases the shaking grass structure, even when harvested at high speed, it can also effectively separate the grain in the stem impurities and reduce the entrainment loss.

Advanced threshing system
Fan Speed Stepless Adjustable

Fan speed stepless adjustable, when harvesting the rice, wheat, just to adjust the most suitable air volume according to the crop type, crop yield, crop humidity and so on, by which greatly improve the cleanliness.

Advanced threshing system
In Order To Meet The Harvesting Needs Of Varieties Of Rice

In order to meet the harvesting needs of varieties of rice, a unique lifting extended threshing drum was designed, with good separation effect, high cleanliness and low loss rate.

Efficient straw returning
Broken Grass Knife Adopts Imported Blades

Broken grass knife adopts imported blades. The right blade infill clearance of 30mm and transmission belt is changed from B belt to C belt, which increase the transmission power and ensures the effect of broken grass and meet the demand of straw returning to the field.

Strong Power, Stable and Reliable
Changfa StandardⅡ Diesel Engine 490 Of The Power Up To 53 Kw (72hp)

Changfa standardⅡ diesel engine 490 of the power up to 53 kw (72hp),with the advantages of high efficiency and low fuel consumption. It’s suitable for various crops and states (such as high yield, lodging crops).

Strong Power, Stable and Reliable
Equipped With The Large Capacity Fuel Tank Of 70L

Equipped with the large capacity fuel tank of 70L to meet the long time operation requirements.

Strong Walking Performance
Using The 90×48×450 Crawler

Using the 90×48×450 crawler, the average grounding pressure is smaller and the service life is over 1000 hours.

Strong Walking Performance
Using Guihang 37CC Displacement HST

Using Guihang 37CC displacement HST. When working in the field, it turns to be more flexible and faster in steering, also improved the efficiency of operation.

Strong Walking Performance
The Minimum Clearance From The Ground Is 190 mm

The minimum clearance from the ground is 190 mm, which is more stronger when working in wet and muddy fields.

Strong Walking Performance
The Cross-riding Support Wheel Is Uniformly Forced

The cross-riding support wheel is uniformly forced and the service life is doubled, which reduces the maintenance of the user. At the same time, the whole weight of the machine is distributed evenly on our Changfa special-made crawler and the grounding pressure is small, just to make a high pass capacity of the wet and muddy field.

Convenient Grain Unloading System
The Outer Extension Rotary Grain Unloading Tube Adopts The Unique Technology Design

The outer extension rotary grain unloading tube adopts the unique technology design. And the grain unloading is more convenient and of faster speed, which increases the efficiency of operation.


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