Changfa Agriculture CF808、808M self-propelled maize combine harvester mainly harvest the maize grain, and it can also harvest the rice, wheat and bean. The full process of picking, threshing, cleaning can be achieved by one machine. The harvester uses the electronic controlling enlarged grain tank. The volume of the grain tank is incresed by 40%. And the consolidated earning rate is increased by 20%. The working speed is increased by 15%. The cob dosen't drop or broke during the harvesting and the threshing and cleaning performance is excellent.

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Threshing, cleaning effect is good
Open frame

The newly-designed open main frame makes the maintenance and repairment of the axial roller easy and convenient.

Threshing, cleaning effect is good
Long tail screening

Lengthened tail screen makes the threshing and cleaning performance better, preventing the dirt into the cleaning system. Decrease the loss of grain and improve the cleaness.

Threshing, cleaning effect is good
Cutting table

According to the adcance standard, we designed new cutting bar. The gearbox uses large-module gear which is more strong, increasing the service life of the cutting bar.

Threshing, cleaning effect is good
Clear clean

Adopt the leading domestic double-level grid screen, the cleaning area reaches 4㎡. Equipped with tubular two-level adjustable fan, the cleaning wind speed can be stepless adjustable. The wind is stable and the cleaning is thorough. The cleaness is improved.

Threshing, cleaning effect is good
Automatic dust removal device

Auto-dedusting, decrease the times the operator need to clean the air filter. Effectively prevent the abrasion of the engine. Save the repairement time and increase the work efficiency.

Threshing, cleaning effect is good
Axial flow roller

The leading domestic full longitudinal axial flow threshing and seperation mechanism. The threshing is smooth and the cleaning performance is good. The broken rate is low. The capability of threshing outruns the foreign brands made in China. There are three roller speeds to choose, so the roller can be adapted to different crops or same crops in different situations.

High operating efficiency
Split front axle, through the good

The fron axle adopts the seperated structure which can realze unilateral brake. It can adapt to different environment. The steering is flexible. And the turning circle radius is samll. It is more reliable and easy to repair.

High operating efficiency

Using Yuchai turbo-charged six-cylinder engine. The power is 180 hp, fully meet the needs of harvesting, leading the similar models.

High operating efficiency
Optimization of axial transmission transmission

The problems of the original tradional transimission system such as complex structure, the speed ratios is not rational, the leather belt is prolonged easily or slip and burn, are all solved. Effectively improved the service life and solve the malfunction problems. The machine is more reliable and efficient.

High operating efficiency
Grain box, operating speed

Using 7㎡ electronic controlling enlarged grain tank. The volume of the grain tank is increased by 40%. With 4.3 meter horizontal unloading tube, the unloading operation can be more easy and convenient. The adaptability of the machine is better improved. The harvesting and unloading operations can be achieved at the same time in creasing the working efficiency significantly.


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