CF865 full-feeding track-type combine harvester, designed and produced by Jiangsu Changfa Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Changfa), has high reliability, low harvesting loss, low grain breakage ratio, high working speed and excellent performance. CF865 is a multi-functional machine for harvesting rice, wheat, rape, soybean, and corn. Its excellent operation reliability and high cost performance have won the favor of many overseas customers, being sold to more than 10 countries covering Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America as a star product of Changfa.

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Easy Operation
CF865 Has Good Sealing Performance

CF865 has good sealing performance, low noise and vibration. The operation handles are located on both sides of the seat, which is convenient and comfortable to operate with a wide view and no dead angle. For cabin-type, the cab can be turned forward to facilitate maintenance and repair.Standard configuration:For cabin-type--- reversing camera and high-grade air conditioning,For sunshade-type--- collapsible canopy

Strong power & Efficient Operation
By Adopting A Changfa-brand 100 HP Engine

By adopting a Changfa-brand 100 HP engine, CF865 gains strong power, high working efficiency and low fuel consumption. A 140L large volume fuel tank is equipped to meet the need of long-time operation under great fuel economy. With 45CC HST, enhanced gearbox, and 10-teeth driving wheel, the machine works very fast.

Good at Harvesting Lodging Crops
The Cutting Bar is Connected With The The Conveyor In Zero-angle

The cutting bar is connected with the the conveyor in Zero-angle. And the reel speed can be adjusted steplessly to guarantee a smooth crop conveying and less loss ratio from cutting bar. Besides, CF865 is good at harvesting the lodging crops.

Excellent Threshing and Sorting System
CF865 Has A Larger Cleaning Area

CF865 has a larger cleaning area and adjustable clearance between spike teeth and concave plate, gaining a better threshing performance.The sieve on CF865 has optimized the movement track by advanced design to better achieve the separation of straw and grain. In addition, In cooperation with the new air duct, the cleaning effect is more excellent and the impurity rate is heavily reduced.

Easy and Convenient Maintenance
The Threshing Side Shield Adopts A Double Gas Spring Support Structure

The threshing side shield adopts a double gas spring support structure, which can be easily opened. So it is convenient for cleaning and maintenance inside the threshing system.The water tank and the intercooler are cleverly arranged, and the hydraulic oil radiator can be easily separated from the water tank, which facilitates the cleaning of dust and effectively prevents the engine overheating due to the blockage of the water tank.

Strong Adaptability to Muddy Fields
The Chassis Of CF865 Adopts The Cross-riding Structure

The chassis of CF865 adopts the cross-riding structure and reinforced-type support wheels. And the contact area with the track is large to get a uniform strength and small grounding pressure, guaranteeing a good passing ability in muddy fields. The service life of the wheel system is doubled.CF865 adopts Changfa patented-designed 450mm track, which can service over 1000 hours without any troubles.(Optional: 500mm deep-tread track)The ground clearance of chassis upper frame reaches 675mm. The minimum ground clearance from gearbox(gearbox bottom oil discharge screw plug to ground distance) is 325mm. The minimum passing clearance (gearbox semiaxis sleeve to ground distance) is 380mm. Those figures can show a great passing ability in bad working conditions for CF865.

Durable Core Components
Three Main Driving Belts Of Walking

Three main driving belts of walking, threshing and cutting bar adopt the combined belt with higher transmission power. The auger belt is upgraded from single-stage transmission to two-stage transmission to reduce the deflection of the belt. The service life of the whole belt series is greatly improved.

Durable Core Components
The Threshing Spike Teeth Adopt φ14mm Round Steel With High Strength

The threshing spike teeth adopt φ14mm round steel with high strength, effectively preventing the deformation and fracture of the teeth.

Durable Core Components
The Cutting Blade

The cutting blade and the moving blade rods are made of special steel, so the overall life is longer.

Durable Core Components
The Auger Is Independent Researched

The auger is independent researched and developed by Changfa, with blade thickness beyond similar products, using special heat treatment technology, which is not easy to deform and more wear-resistant. The auger shaft head material is upgraded to gain a longer service life.


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