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Points for attention when using agriculture tractors for sale in summer

Points for attention when using agriculture tractors for sale in summer

With the development of social science and technology, People's agricultural activities gradually began to abandon the traditional manual methods and use modern machinery as an alternative, so more and more farmers should use agriculture tractors for sale. When using tractors in summer, it is often easy to appear a variety of problems, and the following will be detailed in the use of agriculture tractors for sale in summer when the 10 points to note.

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1. Handle"Boiling pot" with caution. The correct treatment is to keep the engine running at medium speed, open the radiator cover, release hot air, and so on to cool down and then slowly add cold water. Note that when opening the radiator cover, you need to stand in the windward position and do not face towards the water inlet so as not to be sprayed out of the hot water burns;

2. Keep the cooling system clean. Before the arrival of summer, the need to clean up the water tank and radiator scale to ensure the normal circulation of cooling water;

3. Need to replenish cooling water in time. Summer cooling water is volatile fast. If the water tank is boiling, do not immediately add cooling water, lest the engine burst. Let it low-speed idling for a while, such as water temperature, and then add cooling water. At the same time, pay attention to prevent leakage;

4. Pay attention to the belt tension. If the belt is too loose, it easy to slip, which will make the fan and pump speed down;

5. Correct use of a thermostat, summer can not remove the thermostat; thermal curtain and blinds are used to regulate the airflow through the radiator; summer can not use a thermal curtain or blinds to be placed in full-open position;

6. Correct selection of oil. High temperature in summer to choose a higher freezing point of diesel fuel and ensure the accuracy of the fuel supply angle. We should also pay attention to prevent oil leakage from the oil supply system, which wastes oil and may cause a fire. In addition to diesel oil, lubricants and grease to be used by the provisions of the summer with the brand;

7. Pay attention to battery maintenance. The electrolyte in the battery is easy to evaporate in summer. We should check it frequently; we should not block the vent hole on the cap, to be diligent dredge, temporarily do not use the battery should be stored in a cool and ventilated place;

8. Engine deflagration needs to be prevented. The engine will cause deflagration due to overheating, which will increase the wear of the upper cylinder, so it is necessary to remove the combustion chamber thoroughly, Valve Front and other places coke, check and adjust the amount of fuel supply and fuel supply time, to prevent deflagration;

9. Fuel gas resistance needs to be prevented. The higher the temperature, the faster the evaporation and the easier the formation of gas resistance in the oil circuit. In summer, we should clean the Fuel filter, intake and exhaust pipes and fuel tanks on time to keep the oil routes clear;

10. You Need to guard against a flat tire. In summer, the tire pressure should be 2% -3% lower than the standard pressure, and the tractor should be shaded after parking to prevent the tire from ageing and to deteriorate after exposure to the hot sun.

Hope that the above description of agriculture tractors for sale in summer use the 10 points to note can give you a good user experience.


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