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Factors that may affect the 4x4 tractors for sale

Factors that may affect the 4x4 tractors for sale

The 4x4 tractors for sale are driven by the interaction of the drive torque driving wheels with the ground, and the driving force is greater than the rolling resistance and traction resistance combined. Today we analyze the main factors that affect the 4x4 tractors for sale driving.


4x4 tractors for sale


1. Rolling resistance 

The rolling resistance of the 4x4 tractors for sale was mainly due to the deformation of the tires and soil, which was compressed and compacted under the weight of the 4x4 tractors for sale. In the process of rolling, the wheels are compressed and deformed on the parts that contact the ground in the direction around the circle, and the front of the wheel is raised above the soil to press down the soil to deform the soil and form wheel ruts, this creates rolling resistance that prevents the wheels from rolling forward. There are many factors that affect rolling resistance, mainly the level of the ground and moisture level of the vertical load and other factors related to the size. For the same 4x4 tractors for sale, if the ground conditions are different, the rolling resistance will also be different. For example, if the rolling resistance is small on asphalt and cement or on dry and hard ground, the 4x4 tractors for sale will have more traction under the same conditions, the greater the weight on the tire, the greater the vertical deformation of the soil, the greater the rolling resistance. Generally speaking, reducing the deformation of the tire itself and the vertical deformation of the soil is beneficial to reducing rolling resistance. If 4x4 tractors for sale are driven on soft ground, using low-pressure tires and increasing the tire support area can reduce soil deformation in the vertical direction and reduce rolling resistance, thus increasing traction. Because 4x4 tractors for sale are used mainly for field work, mostly on soft ground, in order to reduce the vertical deformation of the soil, 4x4 tractors for sale generally use the lowest pressure tires, the same is true of wider tires. In our operation, we should pay attention to the differences in the use of low-pressure tires, widened tires, and high-pressure tires.


2. Traction resistance

Traction resistance is the resistance to be overcome by 4x4 tractors for sale, which is equivalent to the traction of 4x4 tractors for sale to agricultural machinery through the connecting device. Since traction is equal to drive minus rolling resistance, increasing driving force and reducing rolling resistance are effective measures to increase traction.


3. Drive

It's a horizontal reaction of the road to the drive wheels. Therefore, the magnitude of the drive torque MK that passes through the transmission system to the drive wheels of the internal combustion engine indicates that the 4x4 tractors for sale also have a larger drive PK. But because MK is determined by the power of the internal combustion engine, PK is also limited by the power of the internal combustion engine. At the same time, PK is limited by the soil condition and can not increase infinitely, because when the reaction of the soil, namely the driving force PK, increases to a certain extent, the soil is destroyed, and the driving wheel seriously slips, the Drive PK can not be increased anymore. We call the maximum reaction of soil on the drive wheel “Adhesion.”. Therefore, the maximum Pk of the driving force is limited not only by the internal combustion rate, but also by the soil adhesion, and can not be increased indefinitely.

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