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Possible failures of 4x4 tractors for sale and their solutions

Possible failures of 4x4 tractors for sale and their solutions

A.The clutch slipped on the 4X4 tractors for sale


1) there are oil stains on the surface of the friction plate Solution: clean with gasoline, and remove the oil leakage


2) the compression spring is weakened or broken Solution: replace the spring


3) the free stroke is small or disappeared, and the separating bar is not in the same plane Solution: re-adjust as required


4) the friction plate is seriously damaged Solution: replace the friction plate


4x4 tractors for sale


B.4x4 tractors for sale clutch separation is incomplete and gear shift is difficult


1) too much free travel or too little work travel

Solution: Readjust


2) the clearance between the three separating levers and the separating bearing is not consistent.

Solution: Readjust


C.4X4 tractors for sale made an unusual noise inside the gearbox


1) the gear tooth surface wear is serious or the tooth surface peels off

Solution: change gears


2) the gear tooth is broken

Solution: change gears


3) the bearing is seriously worn or damaged

Solution: replace the bearings


4) the meshing clearance of the central transmission gear is damaged

Solution: re-adjust to specified values


D.The 4x4 tractors for sale gearbox overheats (the oil temperature is over 90 degrees) 


1) bearing clearance or bevel gear mesh clearance filter Solution: re-adjust to specified values


2) insufficient oil Solution: add oil to the specified oil level


3)poor oil quality


Solution: after cleaning with diesel oil, add the prescribed lubricant


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