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The difference between a single phase diesel generator and a three-phase generator

The difference between a single phase diesel generator and a three-phase generator

You See, diesel generators are relatively common in our daily lives compared to other machines, at home, for example, many people choose to install a diesel generator to pump water in case of a temporary water shortage. The single phase diesel generator and the three-phase generator are words that are often used when buying diesel generator, but the terms “Three phases” and “Single phase” are not understood by many of us.


single phase diesel generator


The single-phase is 220 volts, the voltage between the phase line and the zero line; the three-phase is A. B. C between the 380V phase-to-phase voltage, electrical appliances are three-phase electric 380V motor or equipment. Three-phase electricity is mainly used as a motor power supply, that is, the need to rotate the load. Because the three-phase difference of three-phase electricity is 120 degrees, the rotor will not be stuck, three-phase electricity is to form this“Angle”, otherwise, people do not have to do so complex three-phase electricity.


Second, there is a difference between the three-phase generator and the single phase diesel generator: the three-phase generator is used in industrial production at a voltage of 360 volts, while the single phase diesel generator is used in ordinary life at a voltage of 220 volts.


Three-phase electricity can provide a more reasonable power source, as motor energy, does not need anything else, as long as the three-phase electricity is directly connected to the motor, the motor can be run. If it is a one-way motor, but also needs to add a motor complex things to ensure that the motor operation.


So, when we make a choice, we need to know our own needs, we need to choose according to our own needs, but this requires us to know more about the difference between products, only in this way can be better to choose their own needs for the product.

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