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Tips for using a big tractor for sale in the summer

Tips for using a big tractor for sale in the summer

Big tractor for sale as a good helper of agricultural production and getting rich, not only to purchase, good maintenance, correct operation, maintenance, maintenance machinery is also very important. In summer, the temperature is high, and big tractor for sale works in the high-temperature environment should pay special attention to the following problems.


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1. Make the engine run at medium speed, open the radiator cover, release hot air, to cool down, and then slowly add cold water. When opening the radiator cover, the operator should stand in the upwind position of the big tractor for sale, and not face the water inlet, so as to avoid being burned by the high-temperature steam.


2. Keep the cooling system of the big tractor for sale clean. Before the arrival of summer thoroughly clean the cooling system, so that the pump and radiator pipes are unimpeded, to ensure the normal circulation of cooling water. In addition, should also be attached to the surface of the radiator weeds and other things removed in a timely manner.


3. Prevent leakage cooling system damage. Leakage occurs in the pump shaft sleeve, at this time the water seal compression nut is properly tightened. If invalid, indicating that the filler has failed, should be replaced in a timely manner. Fillers can be made from asbestos rope coated with graphite powder.


4. Note the tension of the belt at the big tractor for sale. Fan Belt too loose, easy to skid, so that the fan and pump speed down, insufficient wind; fan belt is too tight, the bearing load is too large, so that wear and power consumption increased. General requirements are: with the thumb in the middle of the belt when pressing, the belt droops in the 10 mm ~ 15 mm range. If it is too loose or too tight, it should be adjusted in time.


5. Some drivers think that the summer is hot, the lower the water temperature, the better, and often remove the thermostat. In this way, the cold car start, and the engine will greatly extend the warm-up time, and accelerate the wear and tear parts. Therefore, the thermostat should not be removed in the summer. Thermal blinds and blinds are used to regulate airflow through the radiator.


6. The diesel oil with a high freezing point and high temperature in summer should be selected correctly, and the accuracy of the fuel supply advance angle should be ensured. In addition, special attention should be paid to the prevention of oil leakage from the oil supply system, which not only results in fuel wastage but may also cause fires. In addition to diesel oil, lubricants and grease should also be used in accordance with the provisions of the summer with the brand. Some big tractor for sale has an oil temperature reversing valve, should turn their reversing valve to make the oil to the oil radiator position.


7. Preventing engine deflagration due to overheating engine deflagration, will make the upper cylinder wear increase by 3-5 times. Therefore, to thoroughly remove the combustion chamber, Valve head, and other places of Coke; check the adjustment of fuel supply and fuel supply time, in order to prevent deflagration.