J Series

Changfa J series tractor adopts a gear shifting structure which includes 16 forward gears and 16 reverse gears. And a famous brand of engine is equipped. With strong power, large traction force, and high reliability, J series tractor becomes the ideal model for deep scarification.

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Strong power, high efficient operation
Adopted YuChai Brand Engine

Adopted YuChai brand engine, Bosch high pressure common rail, low fuel consumption, fast speed, strong power, durable and reliable, torque reserve factor up to 33%With multi-mode selection function - fuel efficient, standard, strong power, users can select the suitable mode according to different working condition, practically saving fuel.

Equipped with 270L largecapacity fuel tank to meet the requirements of longterm continuous operation.

Strong power, high efficient operation
Standard Equipped With 32+32 Gear Box

Standard equipped with 32+32 gear box, with creeper, optional 16+16 gear box. More gears, reasonable speed, high working efficiency, low fuel consumption.

Strong power, high efficient operation
Running Apeed Up To 34.78km/h

Running speed up to 34.78km/h, have a advantage of field transfer and transportation.

High Operating Efficiency
The Main Gear Is Synchronizer Shift

The main gear is synchronizer shift, gear shift more easily.With shuttle shift, quickly switch between forward and backward.Hydraulically assisted master clutch operation, handling.With independent operating double action clutch, easy to shift gear and power output hooking.Side shift,Optional electronic control lift system imported from German, timely and accurately adjust the working status according to field soil and operation condition automatically.Quick hooking device, single person can connect agricultural machinery.Optional CHANGFA original autopilot system, high precision line operation, greatly improve the utilization rate of soil and reduce the labor intensity of drivers.

Comfortable driving and luxurious experience
Equipped With Shock And Noise Reduction Softpacked Cab

Equipped with shock and noise reduction softpacked cab, luxury shock absorption adjustable seat, USB connection, MP3 music player, high quality large audio and cup holder, comfortable driving experience.Effective dust and water proof cab, dust can not enter in, no leakage while raining.Air conditioner with surround outlet, better refrigeration effect.

Superior performance safe and reliable
LUK Clutch

LUK clutch, good reliability and long service life.
Hydraulic valve with conical sealing and hydraulic lock structure, effectively avoid position change while the tractor stop or not in use
Horizontal highpressure lifter is standard configuration, lifting power up to 35.3kN. Enlarged hydraulic cylinder is optional, with lifting power up to 43kN.
Equipped with excellent quality gear pump, quickchange connector, high reliability, longer service life.

Superior performance safe and reliable
Adopted Wet Disc Brake

Adopted wet disc brake, good braking effect, high product stability.
Heavy chassis, big pulling force, high reliability, fully meet different working requirement.
Strengthened and enlarged rear axle, strength improved up to 30%, higher reliability.
Good sealing performance of hydraulic pipeline, effectively reduce leakage problem.

Superior performance safe and reliable
Strengthened And Enlarged Front Axle

Strengthened and enlarged front axle, higher reliability.Using high quality oil seal, greatly reduce leakage problem.
Equipped with large flow and big dust capacity desert air filter, cleaner air inflow.Strengthened hanging bar, strong appearance, reliable quality and long service life.
Equipped with imported quickchange connector, better sealing performance.

Real-time Positioning

Real-time positioning : GPS uploads the real-time location of tractor and provide accurate service to users
Path tracking: Record the historical track of tractor, help user to calculate the working area.

Fault Diagnosis

Fault diagnosis: Remote monitoring of working condition of tractor, offer guidance for farmers and solve problem.
Maintenance tips: Intelligently push tractor maintenance information, improve user experience.
Working statistics: Collect real-time working data, help user to master the working condition of tractor.


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