Wheeled Tractor
Crown A series tractor, exquisite appearance, amphibious, adopting side transmission shifting systems with 9 forward gears and 3 reverse; equipped with high quality engine, more powerful, fast speed, more fuel-efficient, domestically leading in the simila
CF865 full-feeding track-type combine harvester, designed and produced by Jiangsu Changfa Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Changfa), has high reliability, low harvesting loss, low grain breakage ratio, high working speed and exce
Diesel Engine
Changfa mini water-cooled diesel engine, well-designed body structure, long life span, 10% lower fuel consumption, various models, strong adaptability.
Diesel Generator
Changfa open frame diesel generators are characterized by advanced technology, reliable quality and customized service.
Rice Transplanter
A new type of walking transplanter, which is designed and produced by Changfa, has stable and reliable power transmission, high efficiency and excellent transplant performance. This model can transplant ​blanket bowl-seedlings accurately . It is the ideal