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How to choose an agricultural machinery equipment

 2021-01-28 | View:161

1. Choice of the form of the whole machine

Small tractors with belt drive are usually called small four-wheel tractors. In recent years, agricultural tractors on the market mainly include 11.0kW (15 horsepower) and 13.2kW (18 horsepower). Small four-wheel tractorsof 14.7kW (20 horsepower) and 8.8 kW (12 horsepower) are less on the market.

There are two types of diesel engines installed on agricultural tractors, one is evaporative water-cooled diesel engines, and the other is circulating water-cooled diesel engines. Because these two types of diesel engines have different structures and their parts cannot be interchanged, you should choose the diesel engine type commonly used in your area when buying an agricultural tractor. This is very important for future repairs and maintenance.

2. Choose famous brand products

As the brand-name products are recognized by the public in long-term use, or approved by authoritative departments (such as products with the agricultural machinery promotion license of the Ministry of Agriculture), their products are reliable in quality, advanced in performance, large in product coverage and good after-sales service.

agricultural machinery equipment

3. Check the appearance

The paint of the shell should be bright, uniform, no peeling, peeling, smooth and smooth; the surface of the casting should be smooth, without cracks and sand holes that can be seen by the naked eye, the appearance of the sheet metal should be smooth, and the surface of the electroplated part should be bright , No rust; the surface of the tire should be smooth, with regular patterns, no blisters or cracks.

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