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How the service life of agriculture tractors

 2021-03-19 | View:107

In order to improve the service life of big agriculture tractors, the operator needs to master a complete set of operating guidelines, specifically in the process of driving agriculture tractors, the operator needs to do the following.

Don't overload it. Overload is the most important "root disease" that affects the life of agriculture tractors. Overload operation of tractors will cause the engine to overheat and cause the moving parts to be poorly lubricated and wear out prematurely. There are several reasons for the overload: unmatched agricultural machinery and "small horse-drawn carts"; too much load, plow width, and depth of work; vehicle stuck; poor road conditions.

Don't get too cold. The operating temperature of the engine is 75°C to 85°C. When agriculture tractors are working, they should start at 40°C, and they can work under load at 60°C. If necessary, adjust the opening of the insulation curtain, or use methods such as heating water to solve the problem of temperature discomfort.

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Do not overheat. Excessive engine temperature will cause poor lubrication, thereby accelerating the wear of moving parts. The main reasons for the overheating of the engine are: too little cooling water; too loose fan belt; engine overload; the insulation curtain is not opened; the thermostat fails to close the small circulation position of the cooling water; the water pump impeller is severely worn; too much water scale; radiator core Blocked; there is debris between the radiating fins; improper assembly, loss of lubrication or other reasons cause abnormal friction.

Different gears should be selected according to different road conditions and loads. Each agriculture tractor has its best economical driving speed.

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