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What is an air cooled diesel engine

 2021-05-27 | View:144

Air cooled diesel engine is an internal combustion engine which uses diesel oil as fuel. It converts the heat energy released by the combustion of fuel into electrical or mechanical energy. Mostly used in geological exploration, oil extraction, military and other special industries, mostly small horsepower engine. Air cooled diesel engines are mainly used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, automotive industry, marine machinery, oil extraction and other fields.

changfa Air cooled diesel engine

The manufacturing technology of air cooled diesel engine is higher than that of water-cooled diesel engine, and the requirements of heat resistance, wear resistance and expansion coefficient of the materials used are also higher. The air-cooled diesel engine is convenient to start, economical to run, adaptable to the environment, and welcomed by the majority of users. Use should note: after starting should be low speed idling for a while, standby temperature rise, oil pressure normal later put into operation, so as not to increase the temperature too fast and damage the machine parts; after stopping the operation can not immediately turn off, should make the diesel engine in low speed idling for a while, in the operation, it should be noted that the engine temperature can not be too high, the air-cooled diesel engine relies entirely on the strong air flow generated by the fan to cool the engine body, the working temperature does not exceed 120 degrees (higher than the water-cooled diesel engine) , a little carelessness in the course of work can also lead to cylinder pulling accidents.

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