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How to reduce the fuel consumption of big tractor for sale?

 2021-11-30 | View:105

One, maintenance of big tractor for sale of air filters. Regular maintenance of the air filter, do not use cloth or other objects to wrap the air filter, keep the filter intake smooth, to reduce the intake resistance. 

Two, do not change the direction of the exhaust pipe. Do not arbitrarily change the direction of the exhaust pipe, so as not to increase the exhaust resistance, increase the fuel consumption of the engine.

Three, conventional valve clearance adjustment. Valve clearance should be adjusted frequently. If the engine due to gear camshaft wear caused by the corresponding valve Angle is reduced, the valve clearance should be appropriately reduced (not 0.2 mm) to make up for the reduction of the valve phase Angle. Camshaft for serious wear to be replaced in time.

maintenance of big tractor for sale of air filters

Four, adjust the clearance of each transmission part. In order to reduce the power consumption of the driving part, the fuel consumption and production cost can be reduced by adjusting the matching clearance of each driving part of the locomotive correctly.

Five, do not overload, empty running. Correct selection of traction load, do not overload, do not overspeed, do not run empty.

Six, keep the appropriate cooling water temperature. The engine should operate at optimum water temperature, because too high or too low water temperature will increase fuel consumption and increase production costs.

Seven, the correct use of 4x4 tractors for sale. The tractor should use the brakes as little as possible when running. Incorrect braking will not only increase the wear of parts, but also increase power consumption and fuel consumption.

Eight, prevent fuel oil leakage. Regularly test engine fuel consumption technology to resolutely eliminate the occurrence of fuel leakage.

Nine, correct traction machine and tools. Adjust the fit clearance and traction Angle of the traction machine correctly. Tractor should do not open, small card; Tire pressure should be up to standard.

Ten, reasonable choice of gear. Correct and reasonable selection of gear, work should choose medium and large throttle, the engine does not smoke shall prevail.

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