Diesel Generator


1.How to reduce the fuel consumption of big tractor for sale?

One, maintenance of big tractor for sale of air filters. Regular maintenance of the air filter, do not use cloth or other objects to wrap the air filter, keep the filter intake smooth, to reduce the intake resistance.

2. Reverse tips of big tractor for sale

We should ensure that big tractor for sale have enough parking space. Before reversing the tractor and trailer to keep in a straight line, and then with low gear small throttle reversing, and ready to brake, observe the tractor before and after the azimuth.

3. What are the uses of agriculture tractors?

In the operation of single-direction double-share plough, one driving wheel is in uncultivated land and the other driving wheel is in furrow. The adhesion coefficient between the two wheels and the ground is different, and the slip rate is different, which leads to the unit steering in the same direction. Agricultural tractors can be adjusted to solve the following: adjust the clearance value between the left and right two adjusting screws and the middle connecting frame (swing clearance), 681 single-share double-share plow to 1.5mm or so, 1LS a 220 and 701 single-share double-share plow to 5mm or so.

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